AX Series

For residential and commercial applications where a colour hands free intercom system is required.

Though the AX8MV can support a very large number of door stations it is also suitable for systems with only a single door if required. This is due to the modular design of this system. The Aiphone AX intercom system is suitable as an access control system in a corporate or commercial building or car park or in a family home.

The Aiphone AX intercom system is set up via a PC with the supplied software. Any door station can be programmed to call any master if required.

Product: AX8MV

Features: Hands free colour video LCD Intercom.

Two video and audio communication channels Door strike release

Supports: 120 door stations and 8 internal stations.

Compatible with IE Series door stations and AX series door stations.

Available in Black and White Colour Video and in Black Audio Only