Risco Wired Detectors


Zodiac Quad PIR Grade2, 12m

  • Analog Sensor
  • Read quad-element Pyroelectric Sensor
  • Lens Design for 12m x 12m Coverage
  • Improved False Alarm Immunity
  • RFI Immunity: 25V/m up to 1 GHz
  • Free Swivel For Wall/Ceiling Mounting
  • Optional Long Range Lens: 18m x 2m
Zodiac Pro-Quad-_MG_9891(5)
DigiSense DT-_MG_9962(6)-fix

Product: RK412DTPTOOA

DigiSense Detector Pet Grade2, 12m

  • 12m Coverage
  • Assures Superior Catch Performance and False Alarm Immunity

Product: RK800Q000AUB

IWise Quad Detector Grade2, 15m

  • 15m Coverage
  • Flexible Installation Height up to 3.3m
  • Two Independent Processing Channels
  • 3 LED Walk Test Indicator
  • Dual Pyro
  • Advanced Detection Algorithm
  • White Light Protection
  • Patented True Temperature Compensation
  • High RFI Immunity
  • Protective Sleeve
  • Creep Zone


iWise DT-DT Pet-Quad-Bus-_MG_9878(2)-fix2
iWise Wireless PIR-Pet-_MG_9882(3)-fix

Product: RK811DTPTOOC

IWise Detector Pet Grade2, 8m & 11m

  • 2 Lenses Available For Different Installation Heights:
    Installation Height 2m- Detection area: 11m x 11m
  • Installation Height 2.5m- Detection Area: 8m x 8m
  • Dual IR And MW Technologies
  • Full Pet Immunity Up to 45 kg dog and six-cats
  • Superior Catch Performance
  • Active Creep Zone To Ensure Pet Immunity Without Loss Of Intruder Detection
  • Unique VPT Algorithm (Patent Pending)


Product: RK2000DPCOOB

Lunar PIR 360 Ceiling Mount Detector Grade 2

Lunar DT-_MG_0033(14)
Lunar DT-_MG_0033(14)

Product: RK150DTGL00A

  • Anti-Cloak Technology and Greenline Feature
  • Lunar DT 360 Degrees


Product: RK200DTG300D

Lunar Industrial AM Detector, 360 Ceiling Mount Grade 3

  • Risco Bus Detector With Anti-Cloak Technology
  • Up to 8.6m Mounting Height
  • 360 degree by 18m diameter coverage pattern
  • 3 independently adjustable PIR Channels for Customized Coverage
  • Active IR Anti-Mask On All Three Channels
  • VBuilt-In Triple EOL Resistors, jumper Selectable
  • Remote Control & Diagnostics via PC Software or a bi-directional remote control


Lunar Industrial Grade 3 Ceiling Detector-_MG_0143(57)

Product: RK315DT0000C

Watch Out DT Outdoor Detector With Swivel, Extreme Garde 3, 15-23m

  • Reliable PIR Detection For Outdoor Areas
  • Two Detection Areas for Superior Stability
  • Adjustable Wide Angle Coverage up to 12m
  • Optional 23m Long-range lens
  • Pet Friendly up to 45kg
  • Protective Hood And IP65 environmental rating
  • Includes Swivel



Watch In Detector With Swivel Grade 3, 15-23m

Ideal for Production Areas Containing Operating Machinery, Construction sites, Shipyards and Hangars

Can be Installed on The Risco Bus, Dramatically Reducing Cabling, Installation